Volunteers are the essential support system of the clinic. They give their time in various ways including helping transport the students to the clinic, assisting the dentist, fundraising, and financial management. All clinic board, directors, staff, and volunteers maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Additionally, all state-mandated volunteer clearances are on file.

Without the support from our volunteers, we could not continue this valuable service to our community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please email us at info@kidsdentalclinic.org or call 610.240.1213.

Volunteers for the Children’s Dental Clinic work in various ways to support the clinic. If you are interested in volunteering for one of these committees, please contact the respective chair for each committee.

School Representatives
School representatives coordinate fundraising and clinic-related activities for the schools, as well as serve as a communications liaison to the schools. School representatives also serve on the Advisory Board of the clinic and a full list can be located here.

The outreach committee works to ensure that all needs in our community are met. Co-Chairs: Meg Cranford (megcranford261@gmail.com) and Amy Hewitt (Flavian816@aol.com)

Fundraising is very important for the clinic to continue its mission and services to those in need. Chair: Steve Lotfi (Steve.Lotfi@gmail.com)

The communications committee works to create and maintain digital and print media for the clinic. Chair: Tory Stagnaro (torystagnaro@gmail.com)