The Children's Dental Clinic

Thank You Wall

We are grateful for the generosity of all of our donors for their support – both financial and pro-bono.

Donors from January 2020 – January 2021

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Business and Dentist Donors

Eadeh Enterprises

Mauro Family Dentistry

Devon Orthodontics

Chesterbrook Dental Associates

Devon Periodontal Associates

Law Office of Mark Thomas Sophocles

Neuman Dental Associates

Benjamin McKee, DDS

Robert B. Lenker, DMD

Mathew Swiatek, DMD


$1000 and Up

St. Luke Evangelical Church

Eadeh Enterprises

The Upper Main Line Rotary Charitable Fund

$500 and Up

KD Markley PTO

Sandra and Kirk Gorman

Jeffery and Michelle Liebesman

Evans and Diane Pancoast

Sean and Caroline Sweeney

St. David’s Episcopal Church

Margaret McKinley and Robert Verrecchia

Richard and Beck Wein


Jason Borelli

Normand Boucher, DDS

Paul and Tarin Cataldo

Dr. Maria Concepcion

Gina and Michael Deflavia

Hillside PTO

Natalie Famous

Joseph and Julia Fisher

Tom and Nancy Higgins

Andrew and Annabel Kerin

Henry and Wendy Mercaldo

Rafael and Francie Rosato

Allyson and Steven Ross

Maria Sophocles

The Michael Smith and Amy Smith-Moniz Foundation


Melissa Acton

Marjorie Alleva

Richard and Valeri Boclair

Jeanne and Donald Braun

Gerald and Jessica Corrigan

John and Margaret Cranford

Phillip and Dorothy Di Massimo

Chris and Jennifer Gaiski

Robert and Mary Garrett Itin

Dixon and Carey Gillis

Great Valley School District

Melinda Hauser

Ronald Heler

Heather Hill

Linda Himmelberger, DMD

Geraldine and Richard Jaffe

Mehul and Alpa Jani

Jennifer Lara

Mark and Danyll Lockett

Maureen Lok

Steve Lotfi

Brijesh Patel

Karen Reaume

Susan and Scott Snyder

Mark and Kerry Sophocles

Michael Stagnaro

Tori Stagnaro

Paul Strid

Stephen Wagner

Up to $99

Bradley and Kendra Adey

John Kain Anderson and Karen Steele Anderson

Kathy Banavitch

Cary and Sheryl Baskin

Richard Carr

Dr. Jay and Margaret Chiappa

Kenneth and Deborah Chiarello

Richard and Sarah Culbert

Devon Elementary

Rebecca and Scott Gamble

Joseph and Dyanne Greenberg

Norma and Patricia Garwood

Rachel Harmon

James Heil

Richard and Linda Hood

Mark Inserra and Catherine Bergan

Mehul and Alpa Jani

Rohit and Uma Jani

Robert and Melissa Kathol

Cecily Keller

Tom and Joni King

Jane and Kyle Kramer

Sue and Don Laskin

Christopher Maurer

Lyn McCullen

MD Moore

Network For Good

New Eagle PTO

Wendy Levin and Ronald Nordone Jr.

Susan and Harold Olafson

Alice Young

Anthony Zallis