Board of Directors

The Children’s Dental Clinic could not be run successfully without the support of our community volunteers. To read more about volunteering, please click here.

Board of Directors 2023-2024

Chairman: Kerry Sophocles

Treasurer: Gina DeFlavia

Secretary: Toni Mullen

Advisory Board

Clinic Dentist: Bernadette Logan, DDS

Clinic Supervisor: Caroline Sweeney

Fundraising Coordinator: Steve Lotfi

Communications Coordinator: Tory Stagnaro

Outreach Coordinators: Meg Cranford and Amy Hewitt

School Representatives

Charlestown: Open

KD Markley: Open

General Wayne: Brad Robinson

Sugartown: Erin Smith

Great Valley Middle: Open

Great Valley High: Rebecca McCallum

Beaumont: Gina Chambers

Devon: Amy Hewitt

Hillside: Kerry Sophocles

New Eagle: Steve Lotfi

Valley Forge Elementary: Sara Michel

Valley Forge Middle: Melissa Hough

T/E Middle: Raquel Murphy

Conestoga: Karen Reaume

Auxiliary Members

Alpa Jani

Melissa Kiely

Tory Stagnaro

Dr. Anna Rossis Zilber

Christine Reilly

Kelly Hutchinson

Dr. Cathy Mauro

Jeanne Dechiario

Volunteer Drivers

Rebecca McCallum and Heather Mariano