The Children’s Dental Clinic could not be run successfully without the support of our community volunteers. To read more about volunteering, click here.

Board of Directors 2018-2019

Chairman: Michelle Liebesman
Co-Chariman: Diane Pancoast
Treasurer: Kerry Sophocles
Co-Treasurer: Gina DeFlavia
Secretary: Toni Mullen

Advisory Board 2018-2019

Clinic Dentist: Bernadette Logan, DDS
Clinic Supervisor: Caroline Sweeney
Fundraising Coordinator: Alpa Jani
Communications Coordinator: Jeanne Dechiario

School Representatives 2018-2019

Charlestown: Open
KD Markley: Alpa Jani
General Wayne: Melissa Kiely
Sugartown: Anna Rossis Zilber, DMD
Great Valley Middle: Rebecca McCallum
Great Valley High: Michelle Liebesman
Beaumont: Tory Stagnaro
Devon: Amy Hewitt
Hillside: Jennifer McKenzie and Kerry Sophocles
New Eagle: Steve Lotfi
Valley Forge Elementary: Tarin Cataldo
Valley Forge Middle: Karen Reaume and Kelly Hutchinson
T/E Middle: Chrissy Reilly and Diane Pancoast
Conestoga: Toni Mullen and Dr. Cathy Mauro